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Taste Tours (at typical local places of production)

“Take care of your land as you haven’t inherited by your parents, but you have borrowed it by your children”


Our Taste Tours
Give yourself a unique and authentic experience, remember perfumes and savour the ancient tastes, discover the fraternal bond between earth and primary sources, transformation and good natural products.

We are going to organize for you one of the finest opportunity, the “wine and culinary tours” at the local producers, whose sake of tradition and passion for production are their winning weapon to get an excellent product.

Our offer include a holiday package consisting in the accommodation in our agriturismo, from 1 night up to 1 week, and the organization of a customized itinerary at the production site of Parmesan cheese, Parma ham, culatello of Zibello, Modena balsamic vinegar, wine cellars, food museums and demonstration of fresh pasta preparation, taking your interests into account.

You could combine one of this itineraries to the visit of art museums, castles, art towns, shopping centers and car factories such as the prestigious Ferrari.


Parmesan Cheese



Parma Ham



Wines of Emilia




Balsamic Vinegar
of Modena



The Food Museums
of Parma



Fico Eataly World



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