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Antica torre

Dal 1988, da Marzo a Novembre un tuffo nella natura

Who are we

The farm Antica Torre, 3Km from Salsomaggiore Terme, is situated in the foothills of a mountain range and area rich in history and exquisite scenery. The farmhouse itself is set in 40ha. (ca. 247 acres) of rich farmland and protected by environmentally friendly fencing, so you can enjoy rambles, exploring the local flora and fauna securely and comfortably.

It is a family business, run and hosted by the extremely friendly Francesco, Vanda, Emanuele, Daniela and the new entries Emma and Aurora who will make your stay most memorable as they impart to you their love of nature and it's fruits, as you can learn an appreciate of the sights smells and tastes of this Italian masterpiece.


The farm and entire valley are dominated by the Medieval Pallaviciniana tower (reason why the farm takes the name), built ca. 1300ad, and other stone constructions dot the landscape which is divided into arable, meadow and pasture land and some forest. In short, a place out of time addressed to the practicality of modern farming and traditional Emilian hospitality.

Discretion and the reservation, mixed with a quantity of spontaneity and enjoyment are the main elements we offer our guests.


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Via Case Bussandri 197 (Cangelasio) - 43039 - Salsomaggiore Terme (PR) - Tel./Fax. 0524/575425

Coord. GPS: 44° 48' 31" N - 9° 56' 33 " E
Coord. GEO: 44.80967, 9.94252


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