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Antica torre

Dal 1988, da Marzo a Novembre un tuffo nella natura


Antica Torre farm's geographical location, close to the most important cities in Northern Italy, and its breathtaking natural and historic settings offer our guests a unique and unforgettable holiday.

There are also additional activities on offer to guests. These can be grouped into four main categories:


⇒ Entertainment

There is a wide variety of equipment and facilities available to ensure that our guests enjoy the farms peaceful atmosphere in complete relaxation.

Available on site:

  • Billiard tables
  • Table fussball
  • Table tennis
  • TV room
  • Card room and lecture room

The more inquisitive and enthusiastic guest can, weather permitting, participate in various stages of land preparation and harvest, depending on the time of year

⇒ Sporting

Whether it's a leisure stroll you're after or something more dynamic, Antica Torre Farm's particular setting means that foothills of the Apennines and the Ligurian coastline providing the backdrop. For those interested in trekking, it is possible going for "alone" walks in short and long distances. The hilly atmosphere offers a relaxing contact with the nature.

The farm also offers:

  • Outdoors tennis courts
  • Swimming pool (with deck chairs, sun loungers and greenspaces)
  • Bicycles (to discover the sweet Salsesi Hills)
  • Not one but two 18-hole golf courses "Salsomaggiore golf & country club" and "Castell'Arquato e Bacedasco Terme Golf club") : POSSIBILITY OF AGREEMENTS.
  • Green Volley

⇒ Cultural

The entire Parma area is a treasure trove of scenery, history, architecture art and culture. The farm offers a guide to all of these.

The castels: the castles and fortresses of the Parma region are shrouded in legends and steeped in history. Among those closest to the farm, we mention the pianura fortresses of Fontanellato, Soragna and S.Secondo; Torrechiara Castle; Castell' Arquato and Vigoleno medieval fortresses and the Bardi mountain fortress.

Art: Art: besides the liberty style of Salsomaggiore Terme, it is possible to admire inside the capital of the Parma province, different artistic styles in the Dome, Battistero, Vescovado, Pilotta; or reach in short time other artistic cities like Mantova, Cremona and Piacenza, places that survived from the development and historical confusion.

Music: the Parma territory is full of a creative spirit left from the maestro Giuseppe Verdi. In order to remember him, many events and shows are organised where people come from all over the world (especially for the opera season).

Landscapes and geology: the "Stirone Paeleontology Park give visitors the chance to explore the cultural and natural history contained within its boundaries. Explore the past with walks by the banks of cool shaded rivers, examine the exposed rock strata and with luck find some fossils, or simply stand back in awe of the splendid view of the Apennine.

⇒ Short meetings and congress

The firm put on disposition an hall equip for short meetings and congress promising great peacefullness and discretion, offering daily form including also the possibility to have farm holiday menu meals.


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Coord. GPS: 44° 48' 31" N - 9° 56' 33 " E
Coord. GEO: 44.80967, 9.94252


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