Biological and zero impact

Living constantly in nature, we are increasingly more and more aware of how much it can give us in return. This is the reason why, we decided to follow the path of “biological tourism” which highlights in particular the relationship between tourism and nature by adopting operative strategies with the purpose of creating a mutual, respectful and harmonious relationship.

We have chosen as our target (making our small contribution) to preserve the natural environment and research a new balance between man and nature in order to create a better way of living together.

Therefore, as a Biological Agriturismo, we have decided to breed chickens and sheep, cultivate fruit and vegetables to be offered on the table to our guests, according to the new “Km Zero philosophy” to reduce the atmospheric pollution in that we do not need oil for transportation and guarantee the genuiness and freshness of our products.

We decided to use low-energy bulbs and to renovate our buildings using local materials that are compatible with the rules of bio-construction. We also advise our guests to use water consciously, in order not to waste it, following an energetic saving philosophy.

Our last, but not least, project is the installation of solar panels, which allow us to use as a primary source for all the farm activities, the inexhaustible energy of the sun. This guarantees the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - one of the causes for the “greenhouse effect”- and subsequently global warming.